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Explore the step by step development of the nation’s First Net-Zero Energy Hotel –  Green Leaf Inn minutes away from Lake Geneva, WI MORE

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Micro-Housing Goes Boom

Micro-Housing Goes Boom

Micro-housing is a concept that’s growing all over America. It’s a concept that forces us all to ask a very vital question; how MUCH do we really need?

As Seen On GBTV: Scalewatcher Hardwater Treatment System

As Seen On GBTV

The Scalewatcher® is an eco-friendly, hardwater treatment system that provides all the important benefits of softened water, without the use of softening salts or other potentially harmful chemicals. It consumes a negligible amount of electricity to operate and it’s incredibly easy to install.

Painful Lessons Learned from Traffic Roundabouts

Painful Lessons Learned from Traffic Roundabouts

How can we overcome our individual fears and the resulting political and regulatory obstacles to improve our suburbs and the environment?